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10 reasons to choose Bouncy Castle Network

You’ve probably heard of Bouncy Castle Network. The leisure industry website design and booking system specialists have stormed the UK since setting up in 2008, and have made a huge imprint on the rest of the world in the last few years.

If you don’t have a Bouncy Castle Network website yet, the following facts will let you know what you’re missing out on!

1. Beautiful customer-facing websites

Bouncy Castle Network prides itself on the quality of its websites. Not only will your website represent your business and showcase your products professionally, but it will also look just as good on mobiles and tablets as it does on a laptop computer. If ever you notice anything wrong with your website, just let the team know and it will be fixed as quickly as possible.

2. A huge catalogue of marketing materials

Many Bouncy Castle Network websites rank at the top of Google and are owned by very successful businesses. It seems like every BCN operator finds that their bottom line grows thanks to their website – and while this may be partially due to the powerful booking system and the well-optimised, slick website, it is also due to the huge amount of internet marketing support Bouncy Castle Network provides. If you don’t feel like you’re capable of promoting your company online, BCN makes the process incredibly simple!

3. Continual innovation

Your booking system will become more and more powerful thanks to the continual updates and development that takes place with Bouncy Castle Network. Imagine having access to skilled developers and coders throughout the working week?

4. Outstanding customer support

If you come up with an idea or need your website or booking system amending, you can simply get in touch with Bouncy Castle Network to have your ideas listened to and logged and your required changes made. If you get stuck using the system, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with BCN for support and guidance.

5. Business-friendly tools

The BCN booking system completes countless jobs for you. You don’t need an accountant to monitor your books – just upload your jobs on to your website to keep aware of what’s going on./ You don’t need to deal with all your bookings over the phone when your website can take orders for you, and you can throw away your paper diary and your daily job sheets thanks to BCN’s automated systems. Sending marketing materials to former customers, setting up holidays, discounting products and much more can be completed with just a few clicks of the mouse.

6. Increase your turnover

Did you know that the average Bouncy Castle Network operator sees a significant increase in their bottom line thanks to the wide range of tools available on their system? If providing a customer with the ability to book online increases your bookings by just one a month, then the Mega Pack will already have paid for itself. Typically you can expect to see your profit increase by more than 50% in the year after you sign up for a BCN site.

7. Look just as respectable as the biggest companies

One of the greatest things about the Bouncy Castle Network website and booking system is that it allows smaller hirers to showcase a website and booking system that is just as impressive as the one used by some of the most successful operators in the country. You will have a mobile-friendly, attractive, well-made and professional website that hides a powerful customer booking platform to impress your customers with your intuitive website. Combine this with the marketing expertise offered by Bouncy Castle Network and you’ll be well on your way to challenging your biggest competition.

8. Save manhours – lose staff

Because the Bouncy Castle Network website and booking system is so powerful and has so many tools, you’ll be able to cut the amount of manhours your business requires. While you’ll still need to do your deliveries and roll up your castles – unfortunately the BCN system can’t do that quite yet – you won’t have to worry about managing your diary, checking for double bookings, creating job sheets, or tracking customer payments. Just let your booking system do it for you!

9. Reliability

Your website and booking system will give you business continuity you could have only dreamed of! When you’re away on holiday, your booking system will be receiving bookings and sending confirmation emails without you. You will be accessible at any time of the day or night and you won’t have to lift a finger. And Bouncy Castle Network boasts near-100% uptime – even companies like Facebook and Twitter struggle to achieve such a rate.

10. Endless reasons

As you can see, there endless reasons to choose Bouncy Castle Network – far more than 10! Why not read some reviews and testimonials to see how we’ve changed businesses just like yours, or speak with a competitor or another operator that uses our websites and booking systems. Our booking systems are continually becoming more innovative, so the number of tools and features available to you looks set to continue growing for years into the future. You won’t believe everything you can get with Bouncy Castle Network!

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