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How to clean your inflatables

You will want to ensure that your inflatables - and any other unit, such as marquees and soft play - are kept perfectly clean and are dried before they are rolled up and put into storage. If you do not clean and dry your inflatables after use and before you roll them up and put them away, they will quickly become affected by mould and mildew, stains will become embedded and impossible to get out. You may choose to also clean your inflatables before every hire and rental, but if you don't clean them before you store them, you might discover that the mould and dirt has become nearly impossible to get out!

Cleaning bouncy castles and inflatables

  • Ideally, you will want to clean your inflatable in a clear and dry area. Perhaps you could use a garage, or a driveway on a sunny day?
  • Firstly, manually remove any large items, such as leaves, sweet wrappers and other dirt. You might want to use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush.
  • Use a bouncy castle cleaner, some warm water and a sponge or cloth to wipe down the surface of the bouncy castle.
  • Try to wipe the bouncy castle down in sections so one section can dry while you work on another. This will help you to avoid 'mopping yourself into a corner'.
  • The best way to clean is to work from the back of the inflatable to the entrance so you don't step anywhere you have cleaned.
  • You can also put ​inflatable cleaner in a spray bottle, dilute with water, and spray this over the surface of your units. When you are ready, simply wipe it off.
  • When you've cleaned the inside, give the outside a scrub.
  • Remember to leave some time for the inflatable to dry! Bouncy castles can develop mould and mildew if they are left wet.

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