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Choosing a Name for Your Bouncy Castle Business

When choosing a bouncy castle business name, you will want to make sure you are choosing something:

  • Unique

There's not much originality in bouncy castle business names. There are so many companies with names that are a variation of Big Bounce, Bounce 4 Fun, Rascals' Castles, King of the Castle or Jumping Jacks that your customers will struggle to find your company in Google should they ever search for your name. There are also lots of solicitors' letters flowing from one company to another threatening to sue unless the recipient changes their name, which is a real pain to do and which can really cost you business, especially when you've been promoting one brand and one website address for years - and consulting a solicitor to avoid this hassle can seem prohibitively expensive. Avoid these pitfalls by choosing a name that nobody else has - or at least nobody in your country.

How can you check whether or not a name has been used? Just take a look on Google!

  • Relevant

Try to think of a company name that contains words that evoke inflatables, events, soft play or the other items in your stock. If you're targeting a specific area, you could consider using this in your business' name. You might want to use a pun, too, although as you've seen above, many of them have already been taken!

  • Short

"Big and Fun Bouncy Castles South and South East Manchester' is long and hard to remember. Your customers will find it easier to remember your name and branding if it's just a few words, and if you ever tell someone to visit your website, they'll find it much easier when the web address is only a few characters long. It used to be that the name of a business would be a factor in its ranking on Google, but this has not been the case for a long time, so you don't need to use 'keywords' in your business' name!

You may want to look at Bouncy Castle Network's Bouncy Castle Business Name Generator - please note this is only for humour value!
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