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How to maintain inflatable slide covers

A mega slide could have pride of place in your inflatable portfolio. These inflatables can be huge, and hire costs can be significantly higher than a standard bouncy house. You might even be able to charge people for use and see a huge profit from a short rental.

But prolonged use of inflatable slides can cause the sleek slippery slide cover to become dirty and grey. The dirtiness will increase the friction on your slide, which will make it less slippery – reducing the fun experienced by riders – while making it look uglier and badly-kept.

So if your mega slide cover is no longer the bright vibrant colour it once was, but is taking on an unpleasant greyish hue, read the following information to find out how to get it back up to standard.

Wash inflatable slide covers after every hire

Prevention is better than cure! You might not realise how dirty a bouncy slide can get after a day’s hire, but kids sliding down it and clambering all over it will cover it with a thin layer of dirt and dust. Inflatable slides are often very large, which can make them only suitable for outdoor rentals – and outdoor rentals can be significantly dirtier than indoor hires! Soil, mud, pollution and everything else will cause tiny particles to stick to your slide, which will reduce its lustre.

You should give your mega slide cover a thorough wash with a cloth and a suitable cleaning product after every hire to ensure that it stays in a good condition. Make sure that the cleaning product you use is suitable for the materials your mega slide is made out of – it’s easy to stain inflatables or damage them by using the wrong cleaners.

Keeping mega slide covers slick

Inflatable hirers have a huge range of different products they use to keep their slide covers slick. Please do your own research into these products – they might damage particular materials, including any graphics printed on to your slide covers – and some may not reach the standards you expect.

Some of the products bounce and slide rental companies use include:

  • Dashboard cleaners
  • Mr Sheen cleaner and polish
  • Furniture polish
  • Tire shine
  • Vinyl cleaners
  • Plastic cleaners
  • Armorall
  • Silicone spray
  • Turtle wax

Cleaning a dirty slide cover

If you’ve not been maintaining your slide cover, you will need to give it a proper scrub and then shine it to make it slick again. A mild cleaner and a scourer sponge will be able to dislodge most of the embedded dirt and grime – but make sure to keep the scourer clean. You will want to rinse it often to avoid pushing particles into the slide cover.

If your slide cover is large, you might want to speed up the process by using a buffer, such as a car buffer or another polishing tool, alongside your scourer and cleaner.

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