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Do I need a professional bouncy castle website?

Bouncy castle hire companies are just the same as any other business out there, and they need to generate bookings to make money.

Even in today’s digital era, some companies believe that they do not need a website and that somehow the phone will just ring by itself, or that traditional marketing methods such as leafleting or the telephone directory are still as relevant as they used to be. Others seem to believe that their own home-made website will do the job, never worrying that it does not appear in Google search results and does not actually draw in any bookings.

Regardless of how well you think you’re doing with a low-quality or non-existent website, you could be doing so much better if you invested in a professional website design and booking system that supports your business instead of holds it back.

We have seen brand new bouncy castle hire companies taking in over 1,000 bookings a year thanks to a professional website with a booking system and some good marketing, and have seen these companies grow year-on-year by investing time and effort in their websites. On the other hand, we’ve also seen older, more established companies fail to use the internet and move with the times and struggle to get more than 50 hires a year, before eventually selling all their stock to new, eager hirers that are keen to make their mark and closing up shop.

Your website is the single most important asset you have as a hire company. Do you really think your customers will search through the Yellow Pages or a Thomson Local to find your telephone number? Of course not! They jump on Google and search for companies online and click on the first few results, just like everyone else. Unless they have already built up a relationship with a company, they will likely make a booking with the website that features the product they want at a price they are happy to pay, and that offers them the ability to make a booking there and then.

Your website is the front of your store and is the first point of contact for the overwhelming majority of your customers, so you need to make sure it looks clean, clear and professional. The great thing about websites is that you can look like an established business when you are just starting out!

A professional online booking system and website design will save you hours of work answering phone calls, and will mean you no longer need to tell every single potential client what type of bouncy castles you have, what your prices are and what services you offer. Imagine – no more corresponding with customers while driving, installing or rolling up a bouncy castle, or looking through a diary checking if you have something available on that day or not. Just let your website and booking system do the work for you, while you get on with doing what you’re good at!

Investing in a website and booking system at the start will help your business grow, give you the opportunity to generate new customers, and give you powerful marketing tools and business data that will enhance your business on every level. See

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