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Insurance for Inflatable Rental Companies

If you want to start an inflatable rental company, you will need to take out insurance. It is very important to ensure you have an adequate level of insurance cover to protect you from any injuries or damage caused by negligence, recklessness or even accidents, as well as the cost of legal fees and representation.

You should talk to your insurance broker to make sure that your equipment will protect you from compensation claims, small court claims and everything else. If you don't have many castles, it's still a good idea to get insurance, as it should be cheaper than it would be if you had lots of stock. Don't forget to tell your inflatables insurer about any new items you have added to your stock or any other relevant changes to your business!

UK bouncy castle insurance

In the UK, bouncy castle operators typically have public liability insurance of at least £5 million. This is deemed to be an adequate level of insurance for an inflatable rental company, and is enough to satisfy almost every customer.

You may also want to consider taking out insurance for the loss of equipment, employers' liability insurance to protect you should any of your staff suffer any harm or damage, and business interruption insurance to cover you should a disaster cause your company to stop operations for a period of time.

Please note that insurance does not negate your need to adhere to health and safety requirements! If you breach the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, you could find yourself facing criminal charges, and could potentially face a prison sentence of up to 2 years - so make sure your inflatables are tested regularly and that you follow all safe use guidelines carefully.

USA inflatable rental insurance

If you don't have insurance, then you won't be covered for attorney fees should anyone make a claim against you, and will have to pay any settlements your customers make against you yourself. While back yard bounce house rentals might not ask for your insurance information, schools, churches, businesses, charities and all sorts of other organisations will only work with you if you have liability insurance.

Contact a range of different insurance providers and get some quotes from all of them. Make sure that they will cover all your products and will protect you from the pitfalls you are concerned about.

Don't start your bouncy castle business without investing in the right insurance policy - it could be the most costly mistake you ever make!

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