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What kind of inflatables and products should you buy?

It all starts with what kind of area you want to go into! Are you doing small back garden hires, or indoor hires, or weddings, or kids’ parties, or corporate events, or play centres, or everything (like most hirers)?

Choosing the right bouncy castles can affect your business in many ways. When you showcase the variety you have on offer, you will show what kind of company you are and what your ethos is, and demonstrate the kind of customers you would like to attract. Your stock also shows how seriously you take safety. Buying the right kind of castle will also reflect on future repairs and longevity, much like a vehicle.

As there are a number of things to consider when it comes to inflatables, each of which can make an impact on the profits for your business, it’s worth researching what inflatables other hirers in your area have on their websites. This will give you an indication of what is popular and help you choose products that stand out from your competitors. Customers like variety, so don’t just get the same products as everyone else - try different themes, or castles that have changeable panels.

Look for bouncy castle manufacturers that understand your business requirements, and can offer you something visually appealing, and then do some thorough research on those companies. You can also find Facebook groups that are targeted to bouncy castle hirers and that will be able to offer you valuable advice on the most reliable companies

and the most popular hire items. You can visit our suppliers section for a list of companies that manufacture inflatables, but we strongly recommend that you do your own independent research on those companies and make an informed decision.

First and foremost, choosing a high quality manufacturer ensures that your castle is safe and that it has been properly tested. Reputable manufacturers will be confident in their products and should offer excellent warranties. They will use the best materials, high quality stitching and vivid artwork and, and will invest in creating innovative designs.

The better your bouncy castle, the longer it will last, and the longer your products last, the faster your stock will grow. High-quality inflatables therefore mean that your customers will have a wider choice of bouncy castles to choose from when they’re with you, separating you from your competitors.

With better equipment, you will attract a higher quality of customer to your business, which contributes to developing the reputation of your company and leads to more hires and bigger profits.

Try to invest in new stock when you can – you will find clients want to have something different every time they rent from you. Repeat clients are unlikely to want the same inflatable every year unless you have something very unique, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on trends and to keep a wide choice available to your customers.

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