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Watch out for marketers and cold-callers!

When your business starts to become established and your name and phone number is on a few different websites or linked to your website domain, you will start to become prey for marketers, cold callers and other unscrupulous salespeople. Although you may know a lot about how to grow a business, bouncy castles, advertising your company, growing your client base and other topics, you might not know much about dull technical information, or might be intimidated by jargon words such as Search Engine Optimisation, website development and lead generation.

A popular tactic among marketing scammers is representing themselves as a Google employee, Google affiliates or some other Google-endorsed expert. Google does not make telemarketing calls - it will only ever call Adwords customers, and even then it is calling to market its services and upsell its advertisements.

Anyone who calls you and says your website is 'not Google friendly' is a scammer.

This applies for everyone - not just businesses in the bouncy castle industry. Any reputable web developer or SEO consultant will not do a thorough check of your website for free - doing so is time-consuming and would be chargeable. The companies that cold-call you are solely trying to sell services to you and have not spent any real time checking your site in an effective way - the most they will do is put your domain name into an online SEO checker tool.

A proper web developer or SEO consultant does not have the time to cold-call businesses.

These online SEO checkers are very blunt tools that use catch-all rules and that are not the right way to analyse a site's performance or load time. The only way to do that, is to actually test it yourself - look at the technologies used, the infrastructure powering the site, the way files are transferred, etc. Doing so is an involved and technically-skilled job that you would have to pay for. These blunt tools would say that pages like and require changes, despite the fact that they are some of the most successful websites in the world!

Of course, a website from Bouncy Castle Network will almost certainly rank better than a free website from Wix, but if you are already paying for a professionally-made website, don't stop using a good thing because of the recommendation of a cold-calling scam artist.

If you want to rank well on Google, then make sure your content is great, you've got loads of high-quality links pointing to your site, and you're getting lots of reviews and you're posting on social media!

(It's probably a good idea to never buy anything from a telemarketer or cold-caller. Can you think of any reputable businesses that expands their client base by cold-calling?)

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