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When should a bouncy castle start-up get a website?

You might see the cost of a new website for your bouncy castle start-up business as something avoidable, or might even think that a website is more useful for a company that is already established rather than one that is just getting off the starting blocks. This could be a costly mistake!

Websites can actually be one of the most affordable ways to market your business, and can give you a better return on investment than other more traditional advertising models. You'll notice that most if not all of your competitors have websites, even if they are also small businesses, and if you use social media or other online forms of marketing, you'll discover that your customers actually expect you to have a website even if they're communicating with you on Facebook.

So why does your inflatable rental start-up need a website?

Appear professional

Your customers will be more likely to think you're a professional and reputable company if you have a website. There are some people who won't feel comfortable giving you money if you don't have a website - but your customers will be far less likely to think you'll run away without completing your services if you have your contact details on a proper website.

Appear on Google

If you want to order a product or service, do you ever search on Facebook or Twitter for it? It's unlikely. The vast majority of purchasing searches take place on Google or other search engines. With the right SEO and digital marketing, your inflatable hire company could challenge some of the biggest companies in your area for the lucrative first-page search results. Don't expect immediate results though - you will want to get started on marketing your website as early as possible so you can reach the first page by the time your business is larger.

Answer questions

A good bouncy castle website will be able to tell customers important information about your company, such as ways to get in touch with you, your product list and your prices. Customers will appreciate being able to access this information around the clock. You'll even be able to avoid some of the unnecessary haggling that can waste so much time on Facebook and other social media platforms - people will be far more likely to accept that the prices on your website anre the prices they will pay.

As you can see, there's no better time to get a website than right now, and that marketing your website to get it in the position you want will take a few months even if you get a professional to help. So make sure your business works for you by investing in a website for your start-up today!

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