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How do you inflate your bouncy castles?

Bouncy castles and inflatables are inflated with fans and blowers, which are typically electric-powered or petrol-powered. As the fan is constantly on, small holes and leaks do not necessarily create big problems.

It is recommended to use an RCD or circuit breaker for any electrical equipment.

It is important to inflate bouncy castles fully before use, as partially-inflated products may create a health and safety risk.

To set up your inflatables:

  • Find some level ground on which to locate the inflatable. Make sure there is enough space for it, plus some extra space around the side to allow for movement.
  • Make sure this land is free of dirt, debris, stones, low-hanging branches, cables, and anything else that could damage the inflatable. You will also want to check for mud and animal waste.
  • Unroll your bouncy castle so it is completely flat.
  • Attach your blower to the blower tube.
  • Secure the blower in place. You may need to use a strap or ropes.
  • Turn on the blower.
  • As the inflatable blows up, secure it to the ground using pegs or rings, or use sandbags when indoors.

Every inflatable has different requirements. Make sure you use enough pegs or sandbags to secure the inflatable. You may find exact requirements in the individual bouncy castle's manual.

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Hard Surface