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How do you maintain your bouncy castles?

Nothing will better please your clients than clean, vibrant and safe bouncy castles that are delivered on time. Having a good maintenance schedule for your inflatables will lead to happy customers, good testimonials, and lots of repeat business.

Many companies are so busy taking bookings and delivering equipment that they do not find the time to properly clean and maintain their bouncy castles between bookings. This is especially common when inflatables come back wet after a rainy day; it can be a real hassle to inflate all units and get them to dry and clean. However, if you leave your bouncy castle wet, this will damage the material over time, and mould will begin to grow, which can be difficult to remove and can render your inflatable useless for hire.

Even though many hirers issue instructions to their clients on how to safely use their castles and tell them not to take food, drinks and other messy items on to their units, kids still manage to get all manner of gunk and muck on bouncy castles. Thankfully, inflatables are usually made-to-last, but they will last a lot longer if they are cleaned regularly.

It’s important that you use the right bouncy castle cleaner for your bouncy castle. Using chemicals that are not intended for use on particular materials can damage artwork, weaken the product and reduce the life of your stock.

If you haven’t had a chance to clean the inflatable prior to installation, carry some bouncy castle cleaner in a spray bottle and cloths in your van and just give it a quick wipe over. Your customer will appreciate your attention to detail.

We can recommend two products that are highly regarded in the inflatable hire industry, Miracle Bouncy Castle Cleaner and Miracle Mould Remover.

Another area that is often overlooked is storage. Making sure your bouncy castles are rolled and stored correctly will increase the longevity of your products whilst also making them easy to access, load, unload and move. Being able to install, inflate, deflate and roll away an inflatable quickly will save you time and help you meet your delivery deadline, especially during the summer months when you can have dozens of bookings in a single day.

If you take the time to look after your equipment and keep it maintained, it will be strong and look good for longer, generating you higher returns on investment. Make sure you budget for every eventuality!

European Regulations

  • The European Union introduced European Standard EN14960:2006 was updated to EN14960:2013 in 2013. These regulations, ​and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, call for annual bouncy castle safety tests.


  • Many inflatable operators use an independent competent person to ensure their bouncy castles meet these standards. The way these people prove their competency is from RPII training. There are other inspection bodies such as PIPA and ADIPS which conform to the same standards.

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